Thursday, 27 April 2017

Musings in the dark 001

It's almost midnight as I am writing this. So many things going through my head. But it's so hard to sort them out. Clutter in my head. Muttering discretely trying to let it out. Have you ever wondered about the strangers you pass by, or the ones where you share silence inside an elevator. Seeing the numbers pressed, where to, where from. 

Inside elevators we all become judgemental. Such a small, constrained space, filled up with other people. Sometimes sweaty, sometimes sweet smelling, sometimes just there. You end up looking at the other person, bottom to top. Shoes, bags, watch, shirt, hair, e.t.c... That awkward silence, but that subtle urge to say something, and wanting to know who this stranger is. Alas, it is only a short trip, up or down the elevator. That unspoken goodbye. 

Till we meet again stranger.

} sue anna joe {

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